Dealing With Neighbors: An Apartment-Dweller’s Perspective

Let’s talk neighbors. When you move into your first apartment, it might feel a little scary to be out on your own in the big world for the first time. And to add to that pressing anxiety, you now have your own set of neighbors to meet and greet. 

In most cases, thankfully, neighbors can be both incredibly nice and useful to have around if you’re looking for a level of camaraderie in the complex. But with that said, sometimes things might get a little hairy. Luckily, I’m here with some helpful tips and tricks to help keep you on your toes when it comes to interacting and dealing with neighbors. Let’s get started!

  1. FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS! Your neighbors are people just like you. It helps to have an idea of what they’re like, what their schedule is, and whether or not you can picture them being friendly or accommodating. Most neighbors are pretty relaxed and sometimes you might not ever see them that often. Some are very outgoing and could even make for some solid friendships down the line. It’s important that you pay attention to the little details and acquaint yourself with them when possible.

  2. SET BOUNDARIES! Your personal space and peace of mind are very important. That’s why, when it comes to neighbors, it’s important to set polite boundaries and keep a close eye on your belongings. Your neighbors are likely wonderful people who are just out there living their best lives. But with that said, you also have to make sure that neither of you feels uncomfortable or taken advantage of! If you set boundaries early in a friendly, polite manner, you’ll find that everything will work out just fine.

  3. REPORT BAD BEHAVIOR OR VOLUME ISSUES! Now there comes a time when the worst-case scenario happens. Sometimes, uncommonly but still prevalently, you might find yourself stuck with a neighbor that just doesn’t fit. This can come in the form of many different scenarios but more than often is tied to neighbors that are either too loud or just have bad vibes written all over the place. Before you discuss your issue with residential staff, see if you and your neighbor can resolve your issues courteously. If you have no luck, then you can easily reach out to leasing staff to solve the problem. 

  4. REACH OUT! Sometimes, all it takes to build a level of trust or friendship is the simple act of communication. Residences often have onsite get-togethers that are perfect for allowing you and your neighbor to freely mingle, whether it’s by the pool or on the sundeck, or by the dog park. Building a solid neighborly relationship takes time but it will be all the better when you choose to reach out in a friendly manner!

  5. BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR! It’s a two-way street. Always remember to be respectful, conscious of volume, and personal boundaries. Sometimes, your neighbor might not like socializing. That’s totally fine! Always remember to put on a friendly face and give them plenty of breathing room. Just being respectful of their boundaries can be a good way of building solid trust and rapport. 

Having neighbors in your new apartment does not always equate to an actual friendship or relationship. But recognizing the steps you can take in advance can mentally prepare you for anything that’s to come. Give it a try and you’ll find that having neighbors can be an absolute breeze!


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Jul 14